Thinking & Organising

There are lot of design and web-based agencies that can create a product or design a webpage for you, but at Advanti Advertising, we really appreciate the opportunity that many clients give us to be involved in the thinking and strategy that happens before these steps ever take place.

It’s the old story – measure twice, cut once. Time spent in proper planning can prevent heartaches down the track.

Some of our skills that clients have found useful over the last two decades include researching the local marketplace, creating a business plan to suit that marketplace, coming up with the marketing strategy with what to communicate to which target groups and how, creating your new brand-name and logo, planning the best mix of traditional media, SEO and social media to reach out to potential customers, negotiating and buying that media on your behalf, and acting as brand manager to ensure that your marketing and advertising is done consistently with one look and one recognisable voice.

As well as the thinking, we can handle the grunt work of making it all happen – working with researchers, media outlets, social media companies and other suppliers to bring that planning to fruition. And you only have to deal with one person to make it all happen.

While this higher level of thinking doesn’t suit a lot of agencies, at Advanti Advertising it’s right up our alley. With decades of local experience working with small, medium and large business in virtually every product and service category imaginable, you’ll find that we’ve got a lot to contribute.

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