Writing & Producing

It begins with a blank page, the cursor blinking back at you accusingly. And for many business owners, that’s where it ends.

Writing is something that most of us struggle with. Whether it’s wording for your latest brochure, coming up with a press release, creating a PowerPoint for your next presentation or knocking up an article for a newsletter or website blog, coming up with the right words when you need them can be difficult. That’s where Advanti can step in, taking that unpleasant responsibility off your shoulders.

In more than 20 years, Advanti has written hundreds of websites and press releases, thousands of brochures and newspaper ads, tens of thousands of radio commercials (yes, literally) – and more TV commercials and corporate videos than we can remember.

Along the way, we have created names for hundreds of products and businesses, edited, written or ghost-written several books, drafted myriad speeches and presentations, scripted a stack of corporate videos, created dozens of jingles – and lots of other fascinating writing jobs. And we have some very happy clients who didn’t have to generate any of those words themselves!

Advanti will take the time to ensure that the tone of voice that we use for a product or a business is just right for the target audience we are talking to – from reliable, conservative and professional at one end of the scale, to fun, friendly and funky at the other.

And for most clients, after we create those words, we also produce the finished product as well – designing and printing the brochure, directing the TV commercial, producing the radio spot, building the website – bringing a single, cohesive vision to each task and providing our clients with one point of contact to deal with.

So, next time you’re staring at an empty page, give Advanti a call. You’ll soon discover we’re the right people to have a word with.